Imaginings from 1900 about what Life would be like in the year 2000

In 1900, German chocolate company Hildebrands produced a series of postcards imagining the wonders of life in the year 2000.

The optimistic renderings envisioned people in Victorian fashions enjoying lives of boundless leisure and comfort enabled by a century of technological advancement.

The predicted innovations range from accurate (live broadcasts of plays) to absurd (cities covered by weather-proof glass roofs) to depressingly plausible in the near future (summer holidays at the North Pole).

Movable sidewalks.


Moving an entire city block by rail.



Strolling on a lake with the aid of balloons.


A live audiovisual broadcast of a theatre performance.


Weather-controlling machines.


A hybrid railship.


Tourist submarines.


Personal airships.


Tourism at the North Pole.


X-ray surveillance device.


Weather-proof city roofing.

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