Horrendous, yet Humorous Album Covers

I posted one of these a few months ago. But I have found out that there is basically a bottomless pit of really bad album covers.  Check out these catastrophic covers.



Such a successful young man.



Bertha on the drums, and Tina on bass.





albums2 yugoslavia

This guy is the Tom Jones of Croatia.



Not exactly sure what the idea they are trying to get across here is.



This guy has a horse face, so apropos.


Warning: Adult content.


albums5 1957 country

I guess Daddy gets strapped with all the vet bills.



Nothing like sexual innuendo to sell an album.


The bible thumpers get straight to the point.



I hope these guys go to heaven, I don’t want to run into them in hell.



Okay, that is what is behind all the lightning strike fatalities.



May the killer God help us all!



Beer drinking king, or polyester suit king?



The guy also has a perm. The hairdresser scored big time with these three.


Nothing like a band with an evil wooden puppet as a backup singer.





God forbid she reaches seventeen without a hubby and a couple rugrats.


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