Weird Stories from 2018

A jaw-dropping video from Hong Kong shows an enormous wild boar scavenging for food by standing on its hind legs and rooting through a dumpster.

In the remarkable footage, the massive creature stands alongside a trio of presumably hungry piglets and can be seen trying to pull a black trash bag from the receptacle.

The video, which has gone viral on social media in Hong Kong, has raised considerable concerns because the animal’s attempt to feast apparently occurred incredible close to an elementary school.

With that in mind, we’re guessing that the question of what to do about the monstrous hog lurking outside the building will likely be the first order of business at the next PTA meeting.

A truly strange video circulating online shows a flute-wielding musician in upstate New York serenading a rather sizeable group of raccoons. The bizarre scene reportedly took place at Brasher State Forest last week and the man behind the music, who has since earned the nickname ‘Pied Piper of Raccoons,’ is named Eddy Lawrence.

In the weird footage of his performance, Lawrence can be seen surrounded by a jaw-dropping number of raccoons as he plays a Native American song on his flute. As this continues, an increasing number of the creatures emerge from the forest seemingly being drawn by the young man’s music. By the time the video ends, there appear to be at least two dozen raccoons gathered around Lawrence.

While it’s easy to appreciate his skills as a musician, one can’t help but also admire Lawrence’s bravery, since he’s clearly outnumbered by the creatures. Considering how close the many raccoons were to him, the young man is lucky that he didn’t strike the wrong note, since the video of his performance may have been more frightening than wondrous should the creatures have gone on the attack.

Tourists vacationing in Thailand were left scratching their heads when they spotted what looked like a bizarre ritual being performed by some strange-looking creatures. The weird encounter was captured on film by a man named Jemayel Khawaja as he and his family were visiting a popular Thai rock climbing destination known as Railay Bay.

While admiring the picturesque scenery of the site, the group was taken aback when they suddenly heard some strange music coming from an area beneath a cliff. Their astonishment was amplified considerably when they saw that the sounds were seemingly coming from some diminutive furry creatures that appeared to be frolicking on the rocks.

Fortunately for Khawaja and company, it turns out that the tourists had not interrupted some kind of sacred ceremony. In fact, they later learned that the ‘creatures’ were actually costumed actors and that the entire show was the work of an artist and performer named Tori Wranes. What, exactly, his purpose was behind the odd event is, like all great art, a mystery.

Numerous residents of a city in Ohio have reported encountering nightmarish raccoons that display unsettling zombie-like behavior!

Authorities at the Youngstown police department say that they have received over a dozen calls in the last few weeks from frightened citizens describing the creatures acting particularly strange.

Specifically, they say, the raccoons stand on their hind legs, bear their teeth, and then topple over to the ground where they lay motionless for a while before repeating the puzzling maneuver.

One wildlife photographer who witnessed the weird antics of the animals said he’s never seen a raccoon behave in such an “extremely strange” way.

Making matters all the more odd is that these incidents have occurred during the daytime, which is atypical for the nocturnal creatures, and that loud noises which would normally scare the animals away seemingly have no effect on them.

While one might suspect that the raccoons are simply rabid, wildlife experts say that is probably not the case and that, based on witness descriptions, the creatures are likely suffering from a disease known as distemper.

And, although humans cannot contract the illness, they warn that dogs can and so pet owners should be mindful of that until the odd outbreak can be contained.



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