Different Images

Alaskan earthquake.



Earthquake Alaska


Stadium in Monterrey, Mexico.


Great big guy with tiny wife.


Two killers who Trump admires.


Cat gang with wildfires in the background.


Snow maze in Poland.


Like mother like daughters.


How’s it going old man?






One thought on “Different Images

  1. I don’t know where you get your stuff, but when you put any time into posting (except Winnipeg stuff!), it is very good and interesting, and keeps me coming back for more! Only one comment, being the “two killers Trump admires”. I don’t think it is so much that he “admires” them, as that he cannot measure any thing in values beyond the almighty dollar, so he sees them as potential markets for American interests, and will sacrifice all else to make a deal, as that is what he sees himself elected to do, and that is how he runs his own life as well. Not the sort of guy I would hang around with for sure!


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