Shark Breach at Bora Bora

The super luxurious resort on the South Pacific island of Bora Bora is renown for tranquil beaches and unmatched beauty.  But something sinister seems to have occurred a few hours ago according to sketchy reports coming in via twitter.

An anomalous high tide allowed ocean fish that usually can’t get into the island’s lagoon to swim into the usually safe swimming area for the well heeled tourists. A weeks stay for two costs $11,000 American.

Regular action at Bora Bora

bora done (2)

bora done (3)

bora done (5)

Due to this rogue high tide phenomenon, the dreaded and deadly Great White Shark went hunting in the lagoon.

bora done (4)

Preliminary reports are that there may have been casualties. If the twitter photos just received below are any indication, there had to be casualties.

bora done (1)

bora done (6)

The above is a fake news story that I couldn’t resist including in the blog after watching a Sharknado Movie Marathon. Believe it or not I just watched six Sharknado movies in a row. I am currently a Sharkmaniac!


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