Trumpet-like sounds recorded over Hawaii mountains

Trumpet-like sounds recorded over Hawaii mountains lead to speculation it could be ‘a sign of the second coming’

  • A strange trumpet sound erupted over the skies of Pahala, Hawaii on April 3 
  • The noise made some people wonder if it was a signal of a coming apocalypse
  • Similar noises have been heard multiple times before in Hawaii and other islands 

Could it be a sign of the end of time?

A strange trumpet sound was heard in Hawaii last week – leaving people wondering whether or not it could be a sign of a coming apocalypse.

Youtube channel Snippins News posted a video of the sound, which erupted over the mountains on Pahala on April 3.

Admins said this was far from the first time the sounds have been heard on the island, or in other parts of the world for that matter.

It’s not clear exactly what caused the sounds, or where they might have come from, but it’s possible they were caused by things such as tidal waves, methane explosions, underground earthquakes or shifting sand dunes.

Many people who watched the video noted that the sounds might have come from something unearthly.


‘Jesus Christ is coming soon. I say it is a trumpet,’ YouTube user ‘Believer John Seventeen’ posted.

But other people wondered if the sounds came from extra terrestrial beings.

The alien-focused YouTube page Secureteam UFO asked if it could share the video on its channel.

One user simply joked: ‘Godzilla,’ about the noises.

I’m putting my money on Godzilla.





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