Winnipeg Jets Fans Getting Antsy Waiting For Playoffs

The NHL playoffs have arrived. The Winnipeg Jets are in the thick of it. Since relocating from Atlanta to Winnipeg back in 2011 the Jets have made the playoffs once. Back in 2015 they lost 4 straight games to the Anaheim Ducks. Didn’t win a game. But this year could be different.

The drastically improved team this year finished 2nd overall in the league regular season. Suffice it to say the fans are hysterically excited. The Jets play the Minnesota Wild tomorrow night in the first game of the opening round. Expectations are high, but trepidation is also very apparent. The nerves are tingling, hearts are pounding, and the sweat is flowing. Let it start!


I’m sure the Jets are ready. They are big and strong and very fast. They have also been honing their skills for the much anticipated playoff run.


HKN Oilers Jets 20160930

111009 fans 03.jpg

It’s going to be a White-Out!

There is a tradition that started in Winnipeg back in the 80’s where all the fans wear white for playoff games.






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