This luxury space hotel could be up and running in four years



If road trips, theme parks, and beach resorts just don’t do it for you, how about a stay in a swanky space hotel?

A Silicon Valley startup called Orion Span yesterday announced plans to open a luxury hotel in low-Earth orbit by 2022, and you can reserve a room for $80,000. Just be aware that that figure is only a down payment for a 12-day stay, which runs a stratospheric $9.5 million per person.


Dubbed Aurora Station, the orbiting inn will offer space tourists with deep pockets a chance to experience life like an astronaut. “That experience entails…growing food in space, running science experiments, doing astronaut certification,” said Orion Span CEO Frank Bunger. “At the end of the trip, we’re going to give them a hero’s welcome back home as well.”

But it won’t all be hard work. In addition to witnessing luminous auroras against the blackness of space and gazing down on Earth as it passes below at a distance of 200 miles, guests will be able to enjoy an onboard “holodeck” inspired by the one known to fans of “Star Trek.” And if you like sunrises and sunsets, you’re in luck: Guests will be able to see more than a dozen of each every day.

Orion Span said Aurora Station will be able to accommodate four guests at a time, plus two crew members to make sure things go smoothly. The company provided scant details about how guests will get to and from the hotel, but said they are evaluating potential partners now.



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