Making The Best of a Long Winnipeg Winter

Living in Winnipeg has its highs and lows. Really good warm sunny summers, and when the planet is tilted away from the sun, extremely cold winters. Winnipeg is one of the coldest cities with a population over half a million people in the world, if not the coldest. There may be a couple colder cities in Siberia.

This winter has been way above normal cold. Long john underwear everyday. A person can’t really get used to it. Every time you walk outside the day greets you with a burst of frigid wind that could stop a healthy mule in its tracks. I have to give credit to the thousands of migrants who come to Winnipeg from tropical countries.

Imagine never experiencing anything colder than +20 Celsius or 67 Fahrenheit, then have to deal with frigid temps these migrants could never have imagined, temps that can freeze a persons nose in two minutes.

Today there was a slight break in the weather. It got up to -10 Celsius, that is 12 degrees Fahrenheit, and the sun was out. So off to the river skating trail we went. This kind of day can make a Winnipeg winter fun.


These warming stations let off amazing reflections of the sun.


There is different art work all along the skating trail.



A person gets a different perspective of the cityscape from the river.








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