Mountain Highway Perils

A very close call!

By a matter of mere seconds, a motorist cruising along a highway in Taiwan missed being crushed by a massive boulder that plummeted to the road in front of them.

The jaw-dropping scene was captured by the car’s dash cam in a piece of footage almost sure to provide viewers with a jolt.

In the remarkable video, the driver’s picturesque journey, punctuated by pop music playing on the radio, is suddenly interrupted when the enormous rock drops from a nearby cliff and hits the road.

The bounding boulder’s impact causes it to crack up into a few pieces and, amazingly, the largest chunk also narrowly misses smashing into the car, making the driver doubly lucky that day.

Fortunately, the vehicle was no worse for wear after the close call, which is rather miraculous when one considers what it would have looked like if the timing were different.

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