Elephant Thwarts Lion Attack on Baby

An incredible video out of Kenya features the dramatic moment when a lion attempts to pounce on a baby elephant but is rebuffed by the creature’s monstrous mother.

Captured at the Samburu National Reserve earlier this month, the breathtaking video begins with Nablus, as she is known by wildlife workers, walking along with her baby behind her.

Suddenly, a ferocious-looking lion comes charging out of the brush headed straight for the unsuspecting calf.

Either by the sound of the grass swooshing as the big cat approached or perhaps mother’s instinct, Nablus deftly pivots around at the very last moment, causing the lion to pass on the attack and scurry away.

Clearly unhappy with what had just transpired, the enormous elephant throws dirt in the air to create almost a cover for her baby and stands guard over the calf in case any other danger was afoot.

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