Cocktail Crawl Tour through Winnipeg’s Skywalk System

The Winnipeg Walkway System, also known as the Winnipeg Skywalk, is a network of pedestrian skyways and tunnels connecting a significant portion of downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In 2015, a profile of Downtown Winnipeg published by the City of Winnipeg described the Walkway as a system of 14 skyways and 7 tunnels connecting 38 buildings and allowing for a maximum protected walk of 5 km. It went on to state that the system provides year-round climate-controlled access to over 170,000 m2 of space, including over 200 shops and businesses, 10 office complexes, 60 restaurants and snack bars, 700 apartment units, 2 hotels, 11 financial centres, and the Winnipeg Millennium Library, bringing together 21,000 employees. The walkway system has since expanded.



Skywalk System Map


But now there is a whole new dimension added to the Skywalk experience. A Cocktail Crawl! There are quite a few quality drinking establishments connected to the Skywalks. This idea has my mouth watering.



Hopefully everybody behaves and nothing gets out of control. Debauchery should be kept in check. Overindulgence can cause painful hangovers.



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