Church is an Alien Space Ship for Reptiles


Authorities in Michigan arrested a man after he allegedly shot out a window at a church because he believed that it was an alien space ship!

The bizarre incident occurred yesterday morning at the Zion Church in the city of Troy and would have likely been chalked up to an unsettling case of vandalism had things not taken a turn for the strange.

After police investigated the broken window and returned to the station, they received a phone call from a proverbial ‘person of interest’ claiming to be behind the shooting.

“He was talking very strangely about how the Zion Church is an alien space ship for reptiles,” police chief Bob Redmond told TV station Fox2.

Unfortunately for the aspiring member of the reptilian resistance, the cops weren’t quite sold on his story as Redmond mused that he listened for “about 30 seconds and that was the end of that.”

They were, however, able to trace the call and promptly took the person into custody for a mental health evaluation, since his reptilian-based reasoning for the shooting rightfully struck them as rather troubling.

Just give the Reptilian Aliens a seat in the United Nations and we can get them to participate in a peaceful and meaningful way.


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