Cops ‘Bust’ Abominable Snowman


Authorities in the Oregon city of St. Helens made a rather high profile ‘arrest’ earlier this week when they nabbed the Abominable Snowman as he was driving under the influence.

The elaborate apprehension was announced by the city’s police department in a press release announcing the start of a ‘high visibility enforcement’ campaign over the holidays aimed at cracking down on impaired drivers.

In an effort to ensure that residents were aware of the program, the department staged a rather clever publicity stunt involving a man dressed as the Abominable Snowman as seen in the classic Christmas special.

According to the announcement by police, this yeti may have been even more dangerous that his cartoon counterpart as he was said to have been nabbed while driving with a blood alcohol level that is double the state limit.

As such, the creature was taken into custody by arresting officer Santa Claus, of course, and his sad downfall put on display for the world to see, including an awesome image of the ‘snowman’ sitting forlornly in a jail cell.

Hopefully residents of St. Helens got the message and do not wind up following the same path as the snowman this holiday season.


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