True Lies (1994): Body Count Breakdown

I have watched True Lies many times, I’m not sure exactly how many times. It’s a crazy action movie. I’ve often thought how may people get terminated in that movie, and I don’t mean fired from a job. The flick is a killfest from start to finish. So I looked it up and the details are below.

0000true lies terrorists

(previously done by luvmetender)


Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 66
Helen Tasker (Jamie Lee Curtis): 12
Faisil (Grant Heslov): 3
Salim Abu Aziz (Art Malik): 1
Juno Skinner (Tia Carrere): 1



“Here’s my invitation”: 5
-Harry blows up hut, killing 5 embassy guards in the blast

Ski Chase: 12
-Harry shoots 12 guards during chase

Toilet Shootout: 2
-Harry shoots Mahmoud
-Salim shoots Yusif

Ride: 1
-Harry smashes Simon’s face in his imagination

Escape: 10
-Harry throws a scalpel into 1 terrorist’s eye
-Harry breaks Samir’s neck
-Harry stabs 1 terrorist in the stomache with a meat hook
-Harry breaks 1 terrorist’s neck using an AK-47’s strap
-Harry forces 2 terrorists to stab each other
-Harry shoots 3 terrorists
-Harry shoots the terrorist holding Helen

Crashing the Party: 22
-Harry breaks 2 terrorists’ necks
-Harry blows up some explosive barrels with a grenade, killing 4 terrorists in the explosion and setting 1 terrorist on fire
-Harry shoots 2 terrorists
-Helen accidentally drops an Uzi down a flight of stairs and it fires continuously, killing 11 terrorists
-Harry shoots 2 more terrorists

Compound: 9
-Harry breaks 1 terrorist’s neck
-Harry guns down 6 terrorists with dual Uzis
-Harry blows up 2 terrorists with makeshift flamethrower

Bridge: 9
-Marine fighter jets blow up the first truck, killing the driver
-1 terrorist is accidentally hit and killed by the backblast of an RPG by one of his buddies, and is subsequently blown out the front of the truck and run over
-Marine fighter jets blow up the second truck with missiles, killing the 2 terrorists inside
-The third truck (thanks to a bird landing on it) falls off the destroyed bridge and explodes, killing the 3 terrorists inside
-Helen and Juno struggle over pistol and accidentally shoot Ackbar (shared)
-The limo crashes into the water with Juno still inside

Office Building: 15
-Faisil shoots 3 terrorists
-Harry mows down 12 terrorists with jet’s twin machine guns

“You’re fired!”: 5
-Harry ejects jet’s sidewinder missile with Salim still dangling onto it into helicopter carrying 4 terrorists, blowing it up and killing all 5 of them in the explosion

(NOTE: Simon’s kill in Harry’s imagination is counted because both Arnie and Paxton acted out the scene.)

It is somewhat sad that such violence permeates Hollywood movies. But it is all about making the money, isn’t it?

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