Crazy Inventions from Years Past

Make square Eggs?

invent egg cuber


Hair permer 1930.

invent hair permer 1930


invent head


Massive hair blow-dryer!

invent massive automatic hair dryer


Mouse scaring machine, makes cat noise.

invent mouse scaring machine made caT sounds


Chin bell for drivers. Nod off and chin hits bell. Good idea.

invent Mouse scaring machine that made cat noises


Portable sauna.

invent portable sauna


1961 Buick Flamingo with rotating passenger seat. Make eyes with the guy in the car behind you?

invent The  1961 Buick Flamingo with a rotating front seat. Who needs seat belts


Check out the Baby Suspender, the parents are ice skating.


invent baby suspender they are ice skating


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