Winnipeg Crime Statistics November 15, 2017

So far in 2017 crime in Winnipeg is slightly down from 2016. However, there is still 6 weeks to go.

The Winnipeg police seem to have gotten control of the gangs in the city, they are not killing each other like they did in past years. There was a big gang bust just this week.



Drunken party knife homicides are way down. Maybe the revelers in the North and West Ends are wearing Kevlar vests when they crack open the 24’s of brew. Shootings are way up. It has went from street brawling with fists, to pulling out big knives, to now pulling out a snub nose 44 to settle disputes.

Relatively good year.


Canada will be legalizing Cannabis next July. This should make a major impact on the underground black market drug trade. Less money for the gangs.


The police will have to keep a strong presence on the streets.



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