Cocky Skunk makes a Cougar Hightail it to the Hills

A man driving near a conservation area in Canada captured a remarkable encounter between a cougar and a rather feisty skunk.

Greg Shyba spotted the strange exchange as he passed through the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area in Alberta.

In the awesome video, shot from the safety of Shyba’s car, a solitary skunk can be seen trotting down a dirt road as a hungry-looking mountain lion suddenly darts out from the nearby brush.

The two creatures appear to run alongside each other for a brief stretch, likely sizing the other animal up, before the skunk pulls off a surprising move by charging at the cougar!

No doubt taken aback by the aggressive maneuver and possibly by a scent-based attack by the surly skunk, the startled cougar dashes back into the tall grass seemingly content with now just watching Shyba’s car.

However, the skunk was apparently not finished with the big cat as the diminutive, black and white creature appears out of nowhere to give the cougar one more scare and send it running away from the area.

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