The Hollywood Gorilla Men

I stumbled upon this blog that is all about guys that put on ape and gorilla suits and performed in Hollywood movies in decages past. Hey, Markozen blog is about ‘Everything and Anything Anytime,’ and this is ‘Anything’ in spades.

The blog talks about the men that wore these simian costumes. It really gets into the ventilation of the suits and other arcane science regarding ape suits. They get technical regarding shoulder pads in the gorilla suits, material used, how the head and hands fit etc.  Ultimately they come back to ventilation. It must get hot in those thick furry getup’s. Totally crazy stuff.

The photos on the site are cool and quite hilarious. Some examples below.


This may have been from ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ TV show.


The Man With Two Brains


gorilla3 king kong escapes.png

King Kong Escapes







Number 1 priority, VENTILATION!!


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