The Intriguing World

Ford’s clever advertising after women in Saudi Arabia became allowed to drive.


The first episode of Star Trek: TNG aired 30 years ago today. A lot of Sci-Fi design doesn’t age well, but the Enterprise-D remains one of the most gorgeous Starships ever designed.


Stored locomotives in the Arizona desert. With a BEAST at the front.


Taking the knee in defiance of Trump


If Arnie wasn’t a liberal all his life, he sure is now.


U.S. Marines and Sailors taking a dip in the ocean.


Border Collie convention



Major rebar action in NYC


Afghans watching the U.S. bombing blitz of Tora Bora in 2001. They bombed Bin Laden’s cave complex non-stop for 4 straight days. When it started Bin Laden had a black beard, when it ended half his beard was grey.

green2 tora bora 2001


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