U.S. Military develops new Interrogation Technique for Islamic Terrorists

The U.S. Navy has come up with a different kind of interrogation method which is being used on the Gitmo terrorists. Some human rights groups are calling the new make-them-talk interrogation procedure as inhumane and brutal beyond water boarding. Other prisoner rights organizations have said it should be stopped immediately, as it could cause permanent brain damage and PTSD.

But Naval intelligence officer Luther Youngblood countered that there is absolutely no physical contact with the terrorists during the procedure, and they get to munch on popcorn.

The technique was dreamed up by a clerk in the mail room at Naval headquarters in the Pentagon. Lionel Benningfield discovered that when he was watching all day marathons of “The Big Bang Theory” with his roommate the guy would begin to twitch and mumble to himself. After 6 or so episodes the roommate started spilling his guts to Luther about all of his most private secrets. His innermost life information would flow out of him like a water cannon.

And that is exactly what Naval intelligence has been doing at Gitmo. The bloodthirsty captured terrorists are forced to watch non-stop episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” on a giant screen for hours on end.



This guy tapped out after 12 non-stop episodes.


He was singing like a songbird after the TV show made him spastic. His info thwarted an ISIS attack on a kindergarten in Syria.

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