Ten Ugliest Cars Ever Built

I’m not much of a car person.  These days, with a few exceptions, cars all look-a-like to me.  Little boxes with wheels that are fighting each other for space on the streets.  The pick-up trucks are even worse.  Big metal contraptions driven by incompetent drivers who bully the little cars for space on the streets.  Lets go shopping at the mall and I’ll park my armoured personnel carrier (F-250 pick-up) in the multi-level parkade with the low ceiling, concrete pillars and tight spaces.  This is the kind of mind-set the body shop owners love. 

There are some good looking vehicles out there like the Corvette, Camaro and PT Cruiser.  I kid about the latter.  And conversely there are many ugly cars out there.  The Nissan Cube looks like it was made for a timid family of nerdy geeks. 

Nissan Cube

But throughout time there have been some magnificently ugly cars out there.  And here is a list of the top ten ugliest of all time.  m


Pontiac Aztek

Malformed atrocity with a big body that is way too big for the wheels.



Mercedes Benz G-class

You can’t argue with its capabilities, but the Geländewagen won’t win any beauty contests. Like a lot of Teutonic heavy metal, it was designed to do a job and do it well. Little attention was paid to the aesthetics, and so the G-wagen is a stout, dour fraulein.



Fiat Multipla

It came wrapped in sheetmetal that resembled nothing less than a tumor growing on the face of some poor unwitting car.



Yugo GV

Yugoslavia’s attempt at mass automobile production, enough said.


Chevrolet Chevette

The Chevette has no redeeming qualities, except for maybe that so few of these atrocious little cars are still around.


Ford Mustang II

The Mustang II, which was essentially a Ford Pinto with a pony emblem on the grill.



AMC Pacer

From the asymmetrical doors to the big-forehead (think Neanderthal) profile of the greenhouse, it’s simply not a looker. Is it any wonder that AMC went under after crafting such a turd?



Citroen 2CV

French attempt to make a Beetle.  In addition to looking like a metal snail, it was possibly as slow as one, starting out with a 9-HP two-cylinder.



VW Thing

VW knew it was weird looking– I mean, who names their car a Thing without consciously being aware of the fact that its appearance can best be described as bizarre.





The Regal is notable for having just 3 wheels. And that’s about it. It’s slow, unsafe, and didn’t sell very well.  And the word ugly is to complimentary.  A real chick magnet Eh!


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