Holy Hallucination Batman! White Giraffes!!

Conservationists in Kenya have captured footage of two incredibly rare and breathtaking white giraffes.

The unique-looking giraffes owe their odd appearance to a genetic condition known as leucism, where skin cells do not possess pigmentation.

So exceptional are the animals that this marks only the third time that white giraffes have been seen in the wild and this particular encounter is the first instance of the creatures being caught on film.

The giraffes were spotted earlier in the summer by a villager who noticed the seemingly out-of-place animals at the conservancy near his home and reported it to wildlife experts tasked with overseeing the site.

The conservationist who subsequently located the mother and baby giraffe noted that the younger animal appeared to still possess some very light spots on its skin.

This observation left him wondering if the the markings fade over time, since the adult giraffe looked to be almost completely white.

Since the animals seem to be residing in the conservancy, one hopes that they remain there under the protection of scientists who can continue to keep an eye on the creatures and get a better understanding of how their condition develops.

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