Don’t Text and Scoot

A jaw-dropping video from China shows an enormous sinkhole burst open in the middle of a street, leading to an unsuspecting man on a scooter plunging into the huge hole.

Captured via CCTV, the footage first shows a giant portion of a road suddenly collapse and, in what looks like a scene from a cartoon, a scooter comes barreling towards it mere seconds later.

In a troubling testament to our modern times, the man riding the bike apparently did not see the gigantic chasm in front of him because he was too busy looking at his phone!

Considering that his distracted state could have resulted in an injured pedestrian, it’s rather ironic that the rider, himself, wound up being the one worse for wear.

Fortunately, he emerged from the incident unscathed and even managed to pull himself out of the hole without any help.

While the unexpected tumble may have destroyed his cell phone, that might actually be for the best.

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