World’s Youngest Baby Acrobat Toddles Above Bloodthirsty Tigers

WTF? In China, two (dumb) adults and one three-year-old girl nearly ate it… with more than a few hungry Siberian tigers waiting below.




Audacious Chinese will try anything



On her first step Xiaoyan, of the Jiangxi Elite Children Arts Troupe, was nearly blown off the wire by a strong gust of wind, arousing terrified screams from the audience.

The toddler held no balancing pole, simply using her outstretched arms to keep balance.

It took the girl more than 10 minutes to walk 50 metres, before she was plucked from the wire by a fellow performer.

Just a few feet in front of her two men performed an equally remarkable stunt, with one riding a bike on the thin wire as another hung below him on a ladder.

The men were inches away from tragedy when a curious Siberian tiger leapt into the air and grabbed hold of the ladder – nearly causing the pair to topple into the enclosure.

Arts troupe director Zhang Shenwen said Xiaoyan was the world’s youngest high wire walker, and had been training since she was just one.”





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