UFO Disclosure: do we really want the truth about what the government knows?

In UFO circles the hot topic that always resurfaces is Disclosure! Disclosure is the idea that governments are suppressing information that they possess about UFO’s and space aliens. But do we really want to know what they know? They definitely know a lot more than they let out. But would Disclosure satisfy the masses? Or would Disclosure scare the holy crap out of an already paranoid public.

Without a doubt something very strange happens in the world’s skies from time to time. There are tens of thousands of unexplained sightings of highly unusual aerial phenomena from all over the planet. Most sightings can be explained away as very anomalous natural phenomena, such a strange cloud formations, bright stars, atmospheric aberrations, misidentified military aircraft and a myriad of other real things, but terrestrial in origin.

acellufo1 (2)

However, there are some compelling cases that boggle the mind. The Belgium UFO wave in 1989 and 1990, the Loring air force base sightings, the Rendlesham forest incident in 1984 where U.S. military personnel observed UFO’s close-up, the Iranian fighter jet encounter in the seventies, other U.S. military base encounters observed by hundreds of service people. Then there was the Phoenix lights in 1997, observed by hundreds of citizens and then Arizona governor Fife Symington.  Symington only came forward years later when he was out of office. Symington stated what he saw was definitely not flares released by fighter jets, as the official explanation said. The Washington D.C. UFO flap in 1952 when unknown objects were not only sighted but picked up on radar, President Truman issued a shoot-down order to the air force. The Washington D.C. incident was eventually explained away by the air force as extremely unusual atmospheric conditions. There are many more cases and examples of very intriguing sightings and reports.

Washington flap photo


The government absolutely knows more than it releases. But I am quite sure they don’t have alien spacecraft in secret hangers or bodies of dead Gray aliens. For the hundredth time, UFO’s did not crash at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. That story came to fruition by some creative con artist authors, most notably Stanton Friedman.  What was discovered at Roswell was fully disclosed by the air force in the 1990’s, it was, without a doubt, the wreckage of a massive super-secret balloon train called Project Mogul. The evidence for Mogul at Roswell is irrefutable. These craft from millions of light years away or from alternate dimensions would not crash when they get hit by lightning on Earth!!  Many people make very big money perpetuating the Roswell myth.  The hell with Roswell, there are many other incidents that are a thousand times more compelling.

bad alien3

What does the government know? The military in advanced countries have to have evidence gathered from radar, air force pilot sightings (unlike civilian pilots who for the most part do not report sightings because it could ruin their careers, military pilots have to report what they see), satellite sensors and all kinds of other intelligence gathering technology. This information is kept confidential. But why? Because the military and government realize whatever these things are, they are light years more advanced than anything we can imagine. Therefore the military is powerless in trying to confront the phenomena or understand it. Generals and top C.I.A. brass have come to the realization that there is something tangible out there, but they can’t do anything about it.

If the general public was told that the powerful U.S. military was hopelessly inferior to this remarkable phenomena it could create a feeling of angst and panic among the population. So the government always tries to explain it away with illogical stories about bright Venus or a flock of geese reflecting moonlight. They don’t want to panic the masses.

What if the masses starting construing the Aliens as malevolent, or even belligerent. People would start jumping off bridges. Bad Space Aliens that could destroy humankind in seconds! Oh my!

Many abduction cases describe the Aliens as cold creatures that in effect torture captured humans. Not nice guys. I have always perceived the Alien abduction stories as nothing more than sleep paralysis or other hallucinations. But more cases are coming to light where groups of people are being abducted at the same time, and they remember the exact same things. They even remember strangers in the abduction scenario that they come across back in regular life. This abduction situation is very weird.


Nearly all abduction reports are that the Alien creatures performing the physical inspections do it in a removed and antipathetic manner. These physicals are often very painful and psychologically terrifying according to the abductees.

It is not just humans being abducted. Animals of all sorts are reported to be picked up and inspected. The cattle mutilations , as far as I’m concerned, are full of hyperbole and conjecture. I think this phenomena can be explained as scavengers and other natural occurrences. Not to say that the odd cow isn’t abducted and then returned to its green pasture, this may be possible.

We will never see complete disclosure of what the C.I.A. has on file regarding UFOs. As long as the American public continues to be paranoid and gullible the risks are just too great. 2012 had many Americans spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on underground bunkers and shelters stockpiled with food.  Many fundamental Christians believe the Rapture is around the corner.  The End Days are closing in. The government doesn’t want to add fuel to the hysteria fire already out there by proclaiming that the Space Aliens could swat us like a fly anytime they want to.


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