Trump Deports Cesar Millan

The “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan has been deported back to Mexico by President Donald Trump. Trump used an obscure presidential order to have the dog psychologist forcibly removed from U.S. soil. It all started when Trump became aware of a Cesar tweet where he wrote “I have a pooch in my kennel that completely resembles ‘The Donald’.” Cesar thought it was funny, not so Trump.


The Trump look-a-like pooch.

Trump immediately called in Attorney General Jeff Sessions to figure a way to kick Millan out of the country. They used an unknown law where if the president deems somebody as potentially hostile to his person, he can throw them out.

Photo of Trump taken right after he read the Millan tweet.


Trump was quoted as saying: ” I want that greasy whisperer out now. I’ve always hated that little Mexican. He comes to this country and makes millions of dollars by brainwashing stupid and vulnerable dogs. He’s a fraud, he is bad, he is an awful person. Get him the f#@k out!!”

Cesar with his pack south of Tijuana after he was ungraciously deported by a Marine helicopter.


Cesar’s lawyers could not be reached for comment at press time.

Meanwhile back in D.C. Former WH press secretary Sean Spicer was spotted peeping into the White House from the rose garden.


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