A Totally Dangerous and Bizarre Line of Work

In electrical engineering, live-line working is the maintenance of electrical equipment, often operating at high voltage, while the equipment is energized. In the 1960s, methods were developed in the laboratory to enable field workers to come into direct contact with high voltage lines. Such methods can be applied to enable safe work at the highest transmission voltages.


A lineman wearing a Faraday suit can work on live, high-power lines by being transported to the lines in a helicopter. Wearing the suit, they can crawl down the wires. The strong electric field surrounding charged equipment is enough to drive a current of approximately 15 μA for each kV·m−1 through a human body. To prevent this, hot-hand workers are usually required to wear a Faraday suit. This is a set of overalls made from or woven throughout with conducting fibers. The suit is in effect a wearable Faraday cage, which equalizes the potential over the body, and ensures there is no through-tissue current. Conducting gloves, even conducting socks, are also necessary, leaving only the face uncovered.


Fantastisch Wasserfällen

Water and gravity = Fantastisch Wasserfällen


awater 7 sisters norway

Seven Sisters Waterfall Norway


awater Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Lebanon

Baatara Gorge Waterfall Lebanon


awater dettifoss iceland prometheus

Dettifoss Waterfall Iceland, yes this is the one from the movie Prometheus.


awater dietan china vietnam

Dietan Waterfall, on the border of China and Vietnam


awater grand canyon

Paradise in the Grand Canyon, USA


awater greenland

Glacial waterfall in Greenland


awater hawaii

Waterfall and isolated beach in Hawaii


awater iceland



awater letchworth state park ny

Train bridge over a waterfall in Letchworth State Park, New York


awater Migus mill North Carolina

Migus Mill North Carolina. An aqueduct was built to power a corn mill.


awater nepal



awater norway



awater pearl waterfall china

Pearl Waterfall, China


awater romania

Strange moss waterfall in Romania


awater Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland


awater tibet



awater waterfall of the gods iceland

Waterfall of the Gods, Iceland


awater zion np utah

Zion National Park, Utah


Vintage Ads from Decades Past

ads early sixties

Pepsi from the early sixties, bikini clad women always garner attention, eh.


ads1 campbell soup 1969



ads2 1964

McDonald’s 1964


ads3 1965





ads4 1963



ads5 1962

Who the hell is Midge?



ads6 1963 german toys

German toy ad 1963


ads7 1953

Swimsuit ad 1953


ads8 1953a



ads9 1970's

Early 1970’s, they would wear anything back then!








ads13 1943






Diaper change after every 3 swigs?



Lets get them Boy Scouts hammered!


ads17 1950


“The Tears Of A Clown”


“The Tears Of A Clown”

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

Now if there’s a smile on my face
It’s only there trying to fool the public
But when it comes down to fooling you
Now honey, that’s quite a different subject

But don’t let my glad expression
Give you the wrong impression
Really, I’m sad
Oh, I’m sadder than sad
You’re gone and I’m hurtin’ so bad
Like a clown I pretend to be glad

Now there’s some sad things known to man
But ain’t too much sadder than
The tears of a clown
When there’s no one around

Oh yeah, baby

Now if I appear to be carefree
It’s only to camouflage my sadness
In order to shield my pride I’ve tried
To cover this hurt with a show of gladness

But don’t let my show convince you
That I’ve been happy since you
Decided to go
Oh, I need you so
I’m hurt and I want you to know
But for others I put on a show

Oh, there’s some sad things known to man
But there ain’t too much sadder than
The tears of a clown
When there’s no one around, oh yeah

Just like Pagliacci did
I try to keep my sadness hid
Smiling in the public eye
But in my lonely room I cry
The tears of a clown
When there’s no one around

Oh yeah, baby

Now if there’s a smile on my face
Don’t let my glad expression
Give you the wrong impression
Don’t let this smile I wear
Make you think that I don’t care
Really, I’m sad
Hurtin’ so bad

Anderson Cooper 007 versus Ernst Stavro Trump

Ernst Stavro is trying to rule the world, the whole planet, as is the ultimate goal of all diabolical power hungry real estate moguls. Ernst Stavro is currently leading the so-called free world with his cabal of money handlers and right-wing crusaders. He unexpectedly achieved this goal by defeating ‘Crooked Hillary’ in a no holds barred insult laden cage match.

To the rescue, the Clandestine National Ministry (CNM) has unleashed its remarkable investigative super agent Anderson Cooper 007 to match wits with Ernst Stavro.

There was the initial meeting

done (3)

Which ended badly when Ernst Stavro implied 007 cannot report the news truthfully and runs with fraudulent stories. Ernst Stavro also alleged that 007 relies on baseless leakers who are only in it to defame his impeccable reputation, SAD. The formidable foes went their own ways.

Ernst Stavro inside his underground bunker at Mar-a-Lago, Florida


Below – 007 getting giggly with a beautiful double agent who has been leaking information on Ernest Stavro’s plans to invade southern Canada.


Ernst Stavro wants to start with an all-out trade war with Canada which will then escalate to military operations. He has had the 101st Airborne division training for a simultaneous invasion of Toronto, Winnipeg and Thunder Bay.

The inevitable confrontation finally took place in the Blue Room at the White House. Ernst Stavro lured 007 to the room with a claim that he had the finalized plan for his ‘Great Wall’. Furthermore, he said he had a 86,000 piece model of the wall made out of Lego in the Blue Room. 007 couldn’t resist and attended the meeting with his guard down.

When 007 was inspecting the paintings in the room Ernst Stavro opened up.

done (1)

However, 007 reacted like a cat and returned fire furiously.

done (2)

007 was zinged by a bullet leaving his hair with a burn hole just above the left temple. Luckily CNM has the best hair style artists under contract. Can’t say the same for Ernst Stavro.

When 007 regained his composure after firing a staccato of rounds, he let out a condescending smile as he realized Ernst Stavro had missed the mark. Then he noticed Ernst Stavro had escaped in a rocket powered mini sub into the Potomac. Lucky shit!


To be continued…


SpaceX performs more Magic

SpaceX completes launch and landing double bill

US rocket company SpaceX completed back-to-back launches at the weekend.

Late on Friday, it used one of its refurbished Falcon 9 vehicles to put up a Bulgarian satellite from Florida.

Then on Sunday, SpaceX lofted another 10 spacecraft for telecommunications company Iridium. This time, the rocket flew out of California.

Both missions saw the Falcon first-stages come back to Earth under control to drone ships that had been positioned out on the ocean.

It means SpaceX has now had 13 landing successes for those missions it has sought to recover the booster. That said, Friday’s first-stage had a particularly hard landing, and looked bent over on the live video feed.

00000SpaceX SES-10 900x600

“Rocket is extra toasty and hit the deck hard (used almost all of the emergency crush core), but otherwise good,” quipped SpaceX chief executive, Elon Musk, on Twitter.

His firm does not expect to recover every booster, because the flight profile required on many satellite launches will lead to re-entry speeds that are simply too fast to curtail with the available propellant.

Friday’s mission was launched from the US East Coast, from the Kennedy Space Center’s famous Apollo and shuttle pad, 39A.

The “second-hand” Falcon 9 lifted off at 15:10 local time (1910 GMT).

Its passenger, BulgariaSat-1, was dropped off in orbit, some 30 minutes later.

The spacecraft will be used to beam TV into homes in Bulgaria and Serbia.

The Falcon booster was last flown in January, to launch 10 satellites for the Iridium sat-phone and data-relay company. And it was another Iridium launch that topped out the weekend’s activities.

This second mission, on a brand new Falcon, occurred on the West Coast, from the Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Iridium is in the midst of replacing its global network of satellites. Another 10 went up on this latest flight.

SpaceX has another six launches on the books for Iridium, whose existing network of more than 60 spacecraft is now well past its design life.

Sunday’s lift-off occurred at 13:25 local time (20:25 GMT). The returning booster on this occasion sported new titanium grid fins to help steer the vehicle back to its waiting drone ship.

The titanium ought to be more robust than the previous aluminium type, said Mr Musk, removing the requirement for repair or replacement. This should speed the turnaround of future boosters for re-use.

“New titanium grid fins worked even better than expected. Should be capable of an indefinite number of flights with no service,” the CEO tweeted.


The new Iridium satellites are replacing a network that is more than 20 years old

Iridium’s business is mobile communications, providing connections to anyone who is not near a fixed line. These customers include the military, oil and gas platforms, ships and broadcasters.

Increasingly, it also includes remote machinery reporting in its status to a central server. This machine-to-machine service has a big future, especially as more and more devices are linked together in the coming, so-called “internet of things”.

The new Iridium satellites also host payloads for two tracking companies. One of is Aireon, which aims to offer a service that reports the positions of aircraft by sensing their ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) transmissions. This would be useful in following planes that are beyond radar coverage, but could also help airlines plan more efficient routing.

The other hosted payload is for ExactEarth, which does something very similar with ships. Large vessels transmit an Automatic Identification System message that can be sensed from orbit.

Again, shipping companies can use the tracking service to keep tabs on vessels and to plot the best available course to a port.