Anderson Cooper 007 versus Ernst Stavro Trump

Ernst Stavro is trying to rule the world, the whole planet, as is the ultimate goal of all diabolical power hungry real estate moguls. Ernst Stavro is currently leading the so-called free world with his cabal of money handlers and right-wing crusaders. He unexpectedly achieved this goal by defeating ‘Crooked Hillary’ in a no holds barred insult laden cage match.

To the rescue, the Clandestine National Ministry (CNM) has unleashed its remarkable investigative super agent Anderson Cooper 007 to match wits with Ernst Stavro.

There was the initial meeting

done (3)

Which ended badly when Ernst Stavro implied 007 cannot report the news truthfully and runs with fraudulent stories. Ernst Stavro also alleged that 007 relies on baseless leakers who are only in it to defame his impeccable reputation, SAD. The formidable foes went their own ways.

Ernst Stavro inside his underground bunker at Mar-a-Lago, Florida


Below – 007 getting giggly with a beautiful double agent who has been leaking information on Ernest Stavro’s plans to invade southern Canada.


Ernst Stavro wants to start with an all-out trade war with Canada which will then escalate to military operations. He has had the 101st Airborne division training for a simultaneous invasion of Toronto, Winnipeg and Thunder Bay.

The inevitable confrontation finally took place in the Blue Room at the White House. Ernst Stavro lured 007 to the room with a claim that he had the finalized plan for his ‘Great Wall’. Furthermore, he said he had a 86,000 piece model of the wall made out of Lego in the Blue Room. 007 couldn’t resist and attended the meeting with his guard down.

When 007 was inspecting the paintings in the room Ernst Stavro opened up.

done (1)

However, 007 reacted like a cat and returned fire furiously.

done (2)

007 was zinged by a bullet leaving his hair with a burn hole just above the left temple. Luckily CNM has the best hair style artists under contract. Can’t say the same for Ernst Stavro.

When 007 regained his composure after firing a staccato of rounds, he let out a condescending smile as he realized Ernst Stavro had missed the mark. Then he noticed Ernst Stavro had escaped in a rocket powered mini sub into the Potomac. Lucky shit!


To be continued…


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