Saskatchewan Roughriders Sleek New Stadium

The Roughriders are a team in the Canadian Football League. They play in the western conference and are based in the capital city of Saskatchewan, Regina. They are unveiling a  new stadium this year.

Mosaic Stadium is an open-air stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan. Announced on July 14, 2012, the stadium replaced Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field as the home field of the Canadian Football League’s Saskatchewan Roughriders.


Capacity 33,000 (expandable to 40,000 for special events)
Surface FieldTurf Revolution 360






The fans of the Roughriders are mostly farmers. Saskatchewan is a predominately agricultural society and thus economy. And those farmers and cattle ranchers love their Riders. When a game is on they hightail it to the big city of Regina to cheer them on.

The parking lot of the stadium shows the demographic of the fans and the vehicles they drive.

Below are some shots of the parking lots around the stadium during the first game that was played late last year.

Parking lot Alpha


Parking lot Zulu


Parking lot X-ray


If the pickup won’t start, those stubble jumpers will leap into the tractor or combine to make the game.

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