VLT gambling control card could stop a lot of grief 2 comments

Many people are inclined to take the leap into the dark and deep abyss that is Video Lottery Terminal addiction.  Once they sit down in front of the electronic bandits they can’t pull away until the mortgage payment or rent money has been swallowed up by the little mechanized devils.  For a small percentage of the population VLT’s have become a major problem.  A drain and burden financially and psychologically.

Since the widespread introduction of the gambling machines back in the early 1990’s in Canada provincial governments have become addicted to the revenue they generate.  In Manitoba some half-hearted attempts have been made to reduce the negative impact the mesmerizing metal buckets inflict on addicts.  Reducing the number of machines in establishments was one effort.  Come to think about it, that was the only effort.  Now hard-core VLT addicts have to drive around to different lounges and bars to find an open machine.  But if that doesn’t work they can drive to one of the provincially run casinos where there are hundreds of the contraptions waiting to suck dry the last hundred dollars from a down and out addict.

But there may be an idea out there that will help control the out of control gamblers.  The good people of Norway came up with the idea after experiencing many social problems caused by VLT addiction.  It is a VLT gambling control card.  VLT’s are configured where they can’t take coins or bills, only government issued cards.  A player can only get credits of $400 to $500 on the card per month.  When the $500 is used up the player has to wait until the 1st of the next month to get back into the action.  $500 is still not pocket change, but some addicts report spending thousands of dollars a month on the hazardous machines.

But before this takes place the Libertarians will be screaming about more government regulations affecting the average Joe’s life.  If the idiot can’t control his gambling urges tough luck.  Stay out of our lives government, the strong and righteous will prevail.  After all what is next?  Spending limit cards on beer consumption.  A person will only be allowed to spend $400 dollars a month on beer.  Where does it end?  Will there be spending limit cards on potato chips and chocolate bars?  The government is trying to control every aspect of our lives. Vive laissez-faire!

But if this control card idea can stop the horrid gambling problems that certain people face let’s go ahead with it.  Governments started this VLT blitz on society, it should be the government’s responsibility to help rectify gambling addiction.

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