Dangerous Minds

Vanity canoodling with her pal ‘Lobo’ played by actor Richard Sargent from the 1980 film ‘Tanya’s Island.’

Last year I did a post that featured images of famous movie monsters carrying around pretty girls from notable films and lesser known B-movies like 1958’s Monster of the Campus that stars some sort of weird gorilla/monster/man hybrid. Anyway, since I’m always creeping around in the past for interesting things to entertain you with as well as to help provide a short distraction from the Trump shenanigans and other shitty news of the last few days, I revisited the topic, adjusting my search criteria to uncover images of charismatic apes cavorting around with hot chicks. And as you may already be aware, this strangely sexy mashup was a pretty popular trend back in the day, and burlesque performances would often feature an amorous gorilla on the prowl for poon. There were/are also a large number of films that fall into the generally campy “Beauty and the Beast” category. And then there are the many iterations of King Kong that continue to captivate filmgoers to this day. So let’s get to it, shall we?

I’ve posted several images of guys in gorilla suits and their female companions, or perhaps captives at times, below. And I have to tell you that I quite literally had to forcibly cut myself off from searching for them because the more I looked the more I found. There is even a website called Hollywood Gorilla Men that pays homage to the actors who wore the hulking ape suits throughout the years. It includes photos from films, print media and so much more that it makes one’s head spin. That said, you can be sure that this is the greatest, very best, most comprehensive post to showcase images of scantily clad chicks and beastly gorillas out there, including images of Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and Prince’s sexy muse Vanity (pictured at the top of this post) hanging out with their gorilla pals. Some are sort of NSFW.

Another shot of Vanity and “Lobo” from the 1980 film ‘Tanya’s Island.’

A shot of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, from ‘Wonder Woman vs Gargantua’ (season one, episode seven, 1976).

Bursleque dancer Joan Arline and a gorilla friend.

The burlesque team of Scotty Roche and Diane Revere doing their ‘Beauty to his Beast’ routine.

A calendar featuring Revere and Roché.

A publicity photo from the 1951 film ‘Bride of the Gorilla.’

A still from the 1930 film ‘Pure and Simple.’

A gorilla-themed spread with Bettie Page from Wink magazine, 1954.

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