Could History Repeat Itself?

James Schlesinger was a CIA director who later, as Defence Secretary, told Army chiefs to ignore Nixon if he ordered a nuclear strike


James Schlesinger , who has died at age 85 in 2014, was a hardline American Secretary of Defense from 1973 to 1975 under Presidents Nixon and Ford ; he subsequently became the country’s first Secretary of Energy, under President Carter.

During Nixon’s last days in the White House at the height of the Watergate crisis, when some were doubting the President’s mental stability, Schlesinger reportedly instructed the Joint Chiefs of Staff to check with him before carrying out any of Nixon’s orders regarding nuclear weapons. He also drew up contingency plans for an emergency military deployment in the event of an impeached Nixon refusing to step down.

Nixon was drinking heavily and becoming erratic. Trump doesn’t drink, but erratic, he takes that to a whole new level.

Worse case scenario: Trump is getting impeached and falling down, politically and mentally. He thinks if he is going to go out, he is going to go out in a big way, with a very big bang. Nuke North Korea. His secretaries of defense and state will have to go unconstitutional and take over all control of nuclear weapons. Just as Mr. Schlesinger did back in 1974.



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