Sean Spicer Explodes at Today’s White House Press Briefing

White House press secretary Sean Spicer has a thankless job. He faces the media everyday trying to defend his boss, the unparalleled Donald Trump. The Donald has a knack for throwing gas on the fire. And he is really good at starting fires. The latest allegations from the Washington Post purport that Trump divulged classified intelligence to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in the Oval Office a couple days ago as they were sharing laughs and cognac. Nothing has been proven so far.

Immediately to the rescue was Sean Spicer. Even though he was berated by Trump in a TV interview last week his loyalty to Donald is without bounds. Trump said he is a great guy, but he gets beat up by the press at the briefings. That didn’t seem to phase Sean. He confronted the rabid press horde tonight defending the president concerning the Russian oval office indiscretion.

spicerx (2)

Sean was getting bombarded by unrelenting questions regarding the Trump faux pas. Sean didn’t seem like his usual acerbic belligerent self tonight as he stood at the podium warding off rapid fire CNN and New York Times fusillades. After repeating the same answer for the 38th time something snapped inside Spicer. He face turned reddish as he spewed personal insults at a young female reporter from the Boston Globe. The Globe reporter asked Sean what he was hiding. He didn’t take that question very well.

spicerx (4)

After Reuters Washington correspondent Malcolm Spudbury asked Sean if the alleged blunder by Trump was impeachable, Sean’s head started to go spastic. His cheeks starting drooping downwards and his head turned blue. It was miraculous!

spicerx (3)

Then a David Cronenberg moment manifested with great ferocity!

spicerx (1)

After the bloody mishap Trump tweeted: “Sean Spicer has been FIRED!!” I need a new press Secretary right now, a great press secretary. Someone who won’t explode under pressure.”

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