Ohio Cops on the Hunt for ‘Bigfoot’


Authorities in Beaver Township, Ohio have embarked on an unexpected search for Sasquatch following a strange theft in the area.

Arlene Fitzer, owner of Farmer Dave’s Gift and Garden Shoppe, reported to police that three hand-painted Bigfoot statues were stolen from in front of their store.

The ne’er-do-wells behind the heist were apparently quite determined to bag the Bigfoot because two of the tributes to the cryptid weighed an incredible 225 pounds!

In keeping with the baffling nature of Bigfoot, Fitzer was mystified that anyone was strong enough to lift the weighty Sasquatch statues.

And with one of the statues measuring nearly four feet tall, she wondered where the thieves planned to hide such a eye-catching piece of artwork.

Nonetheless, Fitzer was rather dismayed that they have gone missing, since the total value of the stolen statues was around $300.

Fortunately, the Beaver Township police department is now on the case and they hope to pull off what so many in reality television have so far failed to do: find Bigfoot or, at least, whoever stole the statues.


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