Did they finally capture a Ghost on film?

The stars of a long-running British ghost hunting television program believe they have finally succeeded in capturing an apparition on film.

The show ‘Most Haunted’ was investigating a location known as the Wentworth Woodhouse, specifically a stable block at the site purportedly home to the ghost of a large man.

During the filming of the episode, two of the ghost hunters suddenly stop after they hear unexplained footsteps at the end of a hall.

The pair attempts to communicate with any spirit that might be in the area, but their call quickly stops when they spot what appears to be the figure of a person walking away from them.

Although they are stunned by what they just saw, the duo bravely takes off after the potential ghost, yet find nothing at the end of the hall.

One of the series’ other stars, Yvette Fielding, marveled that “this has to be the most ground-breaking footage we have ever recorded.”

However, in keeping with the elusive nature of the ghost phenomenon, Fielding noted that the encounter left them with more questions than answers, despite seemingly capturing a spirit on film for the first time.

Of course, as with all paranormal television programs, viewers would be wise to exercise caution before jumping to conclusions.

When loads of money is involved, strange things can be undertaken. Was there some CG or other man-made magic involved here? Hard to say.

The Mirror

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