Strange Invasion of Winnipeg

Winnipeg is going through a twilight zone like phenomenon. A few weeks ago there was a peculiar invasion of Winnipeg, now there is an even stranger invasion.

It all started as strange lights encompassed the high towers of Portage and Main. The city center.


And to makes things even more strange. Entities were spotted climbing all over the buildings.


What in the name of the almighty Motherlode could these bastards be?


What the hell is their intentions? What do they want!!?



This horrendous thing above was determined to be the leader. Winnipeg Mayor Bowman has set up a meeting with the deformed ghoul tomorrow morning at the Delta Hotel. It is to be a working breakfast.

The mayor communicated with the three-headed alien/demon commander with the help of renown Winnipeg clairvoyant Mel Ryan. Mel used his ESP abilities and cunning linguistic talents to start a discussion with three headed entity. It seems, for now, to be benevolent Mel has ascertained. But it’s behaviour could be a ruse.

Another one, my Gawd!


I knew Bigfeet were actually space aliens.

The Winnipeg police have readied their armored car fighting vehicle for any possible contingency.

police1 (3)

The previous peculiar invasion:

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