Donald Trump’s hair has gone purple

A major crisis has permeated the White House. A cosmetic malfunction caused president Trump’s hair to turn purple. His usually well-kept orange hair is no more. It all started at the Winter White House in Florida, Mar-a-Lago. Donald’s regular hair manipulator Roscico Sandeluseezu came down with shingles. He was rushed to hospital in Atlanta.

The Trump team acted quickly and brought in provocative, yet world renown hair sculptor Vassily Yakamoronziev from Russia. Vassily does Putin’s hair, or at least what is left of it. It is purported that he also does Kim jong un’s hair. As the story goes, leaked by Wikileaks, Vassily got the chemicals that usually go into Trump’s hair concoction mixed up. He thought he was adding anionic crust dye to the mixture when he was actually adding acrylic fiber, woad, indigo, saffron and madder. The results speak for themselves.

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White House press secretary Sean Spice said Donald will be wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ red baseball cap for the foreseeable future.

Vassily’s hair artistry on Putin and Kim jong un:




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