Godzilla Salutation

Godzilla (2)

What could live beneath radiation's
Mushroom storm cloud?
The heavens are burnt asunder,
Horizons red dawn glows,
 With an eerie mist.
Lightening and thunder strikes,
Against fallout’s atmospheric residue,
Ashes debris falls as embers fire.
Emerging from the depths below,
A creature surfaces,  a monster	
With rages vengeance, flowing
Through it's veins.
Born from human arrogance,
And ignorance, a genetic mutation. 
Natures evolutionary throw back,
 Our legacy of destruction,
A reptilian tidal wave.
With an earth shattering roar,
A tremendous force felt around,
The world,


He announce his calamity to come.
Wading through the ocean depths,
The king of all lizards,
A clashing titan, heading towards
Civilization, at torpedo's
Super sonic velocity.
A great reckoning is at hand,
Conflicts Jurassic hurricane,
Slams against the shores of 
Reality, known as Tokyo bay.
 Wreckage’s wrecking ball, tares apart
Mankind’s environmental habitat,
Without any mercy.
Hell's fiery breath, is spewed forth
From his jaws of death, radioactivity's
After shock, lives within this dooms
 Days creature.
As electricity's feedback, shimmers
Downwards, on his spiny back,
Seemingly to recharge the beast.
He roars once more, as a wake up call,
Beware his name lives in your
 Night mares,
Behold Godzilla, the king of all

A flash! A glare!

In the misbegotten street of misery, a light

A hellish flash, and hellish sight

A roar! A shriek!

As it encloses it awful jaws upon the city street

A flash! A bang! As the melting metal falls with a dull clang

A roar, of triumph as the tanks swatting with futile shots

Melt like ore in fire, murderously hot

A sighing wail, as buildings fall beneath its sweeping tail

A fire! Fire! Burning throughout the streets

Killing everyone as it sweeps

A clangor, a cacophony of noise

As the thing tosses aside cars, boats and buildings like toys

A sickness! Despair throughout the crowd

Deaths 2nd in command, covering the city in a deadly shroud.

An silent eerie. After the long moments of agonies and pains..

And nothing in the city remains.

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