Intriguing Maps

After America’s War of Independence, the Paris Peace Talks took place in 1783. At one point the British were prepared to give up a good chunk of present day Canada. The Red Line Map showed these concessions. However, the Americans were never shown the map and therefore never demanded the Canadian territory.

land7 red line

The red area would have been conceded to the young United States.

land8 red line

Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton and Halifax would all be American today.


How people commute to Manhattan.


World War I map

land2 ww1 map


Native American pre-contact food sources.

land5 native american food sources


Is America still Number One? Depends on which metrics you use. By at least one measure, China’s economy already is the world’s biggest (1). Other criteria still put the U.S. ahead, at least for a few more years.

This map presents another way to gauge the size of the American economy, and one less prone to the ‘declinism’ of the eternal comparison to China.

By comparing states with countries that have a similar GDP, it demonstrates the formidable size of the U.S. economy. Irrespective of whether it’s second or first, it’s as big as the GDPs of these 51 countries put together.

land GDP_Map_jay_pexxg

The figures used for the map are from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (for the U.S. states) and the IMF (for the countries). According to the IMF, overall GDP for the U.S. has increased to $17.9 trillion in 2015.

Some things have remained the same: California and Texas still are the #1 and #2 economies in the U.S., and their GDPs are still in the same ballpark as France and Canada, respectively. The third-placed state’s economy is still comparable to South Korea’s, although that state is no longer Florida (down one place, to 2015’s Indonesia) but New York (surging four places, from 2007’s Brazil).

Nevada lost most ground, from 22nd place in 2007 (when its economy was about the size of Ireland’s GDP, at $203 billion) to 34th in 2015 (its $140 billion GDP roughly comparable to New Zealand’s).The biggest winner was Maryland, up from 26th place in 2007 (in the neighborhood of Iran’s $195 billion GDP) to 15th place in 2015 (with a $361 billion GDP comparable to Austria’s).


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