Tiger Drone Wars

An endeavor aimed at providing exercise for the animals at a Siberian Tiger enclosure in China wound up with a drone turning into a chew toy for the monstrous creatures.

In a remarkable video of the encounter, viewers are afforded an incredible glimpse of the majestic big cats as a UAV buzzes overhead and narrowly escapes the curious tigers as they chase after it.

The amazing perspective is probably as close as one can come to what it must be like for unfortunate prey that find themselves in the animals’ sights.

Eventually, the drone dips too low to the ground and one of the ferocious felines leaps into the air and takes the vehicle out.

Were there a tiny pilot aboard the craft, it would not have lasted very long as the tigers tear away at the pesky drone that was taunting them.

Although it may seem a bit cruel to engage with the creatures in such a fashion, the directors of the facility use the ‘game’ to help provide some exercise for the tigers as they have gotten somewhat pudgy from living in safe confines of preserve.

With that in mind, expect the ‘drone dash’ to become America’s next workout craze sometime around the summer.

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