Winnipeg’s Largest Buildings by Floor-space

Being the tallest building doesn’t mean the biggest. This list includes the top 6 buildings in Winnipeg in terms of floor space square footage.

Number 6
Cityplace. 9 stories. Floor space -337,000 square feet.


Number 5
Richardson Building. 32 stories. Floor space-460,000 square feet.


Number 4

201 Portage.  33 stories.  Floor space-502,000 square feet.


Number 3

360 Main Street.  31 stories.  Floor space-600,000 square feet.


Number 2

The Bay Downtown.  7 stories.  Floor space-615,000 square feet.


Number 1

Manitoba Hydro Tower.  22 stories.  Floor space -690,000 square feet.


By comparison lets take a look at the Willis Tower in Chicago. Formerly known as the Sears Tower.


4.5 million square feet!

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