Five Secret Military Accidents

Among the incidents on the list is the 1994 crash of a secret American aircraft near a British Air Force base.
Although some locals managed to catch tantalizing glimpses of the downed craft, special forces were called in to guard the wreckage until it could be spirited away by American officials.
Although that event did not cause any injuries, the same cannot be said for another troubling accident detailed in the video: the ‘biological Chernobyl’ that erupted from a Russian chemical weapons facility in 1979.
While developing a deadly bacteria, the plant inadvertently released anthrax dust into the local atmosphere, killing 75 workers at a nearby ceramics factory.
Of course, the KGB made sure that all evidence of the malfeasance was quickly destroyed and the true nature of the event only came to light many years later.
A similar incident occurred in 1992 when a plane carrying Israeli military equipment crashed into an apartment building in Amsterdam.
When residents of the complex started becoming sick with mysterious illnesses, authorities attempted to determine what on the plane may have cause the odd outbreak and turned to the Israeli government for answers.
However, their role in the flight remained shrouded in secrecy until six years later when they conceded that the plane had been transporting chemicals used for making Sarin nerve gas.

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