Eerie Demon Hotel Reverberations

For many decades the apartment building at 44 Hargrave Street in Winnipeg stood; the last decade, as an abandoned husk. Only local legends and street gossip hinted at strange occurrences that may have happened behind the eerie brick facade. However, after it was no longer a place for “human” tenants, some say the old abandoned brick edifice became a haunt for other types of tenants. Besides scurrying rats, cockroaches and crazed derelict squatters, downtown residents have reported tales of stranger occupants in the macabre location. From ghostly faces, demonic entities, hair-raising screams and other paranormal monstrosities, the Demon Hotel was a place to avoid, only to be approached by the bravest and most audacious souls.



Devilish apparitions were photographed


Then on April 6, 2015 the haunted hotel of downtown Winnipeg went up in flames. Blamed on teenage vandals, many have wondered whether paranormal forces were involved in any way. Some secretly welcomed the incident, hoping the cleansing flames may have at last exorcised the supernatural evil possessing the haunted halls. Others however, openly speculated that the destruction of the building by fire merely dispersed angry spirits into the neighbourhood, or perhaps even locked the unearthly forces into the ruins of the site, creating a zone of evil.


Hellish entity spotted during the raging fire


Now the site is an empty lot. Some people park cars there, at their own risk. No plans so far to rebuild on the cursed site.


However, just in the last little while, reports have surfaced of strange and ghastly manifestations occurring on the site.  Onto the case comes intrepid paranormal investigator Dean Grimchuck.

Dean has been investigating the weird and terrifying most of his adult life. His premature grey hair is testament to that. He has crawled through haunted sewer holes, searched spider web infested attics and maneuvered inside demon possessed bedrooms. He is the preeminent paranormal investigator in Manitoba. His ghostly books are read by the likes of George Noory and Alex Jones.

That being said, Mr. Grimchuck took notice of the new activity at the Demon Hotel site. Reports were that phantasms were appearing. It was also purported that nightmarish nonhuman screams were waking up residents near the site. Grimchuck set up a motion camera across the street. He recently provided the anomalous photos to MarkoZen.

The photos.

Empty lot


Then the camera picked up major strangeness:


It gets crazier…


The camera was checked for malfunctions, it was in perfect working order.

What the …


It seems to be trying to regurgitate something!


God help us all!!

To be continued…

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