Winnipeg Crime Statistics Update

This is the first crime stats update for 2017. It’s too early to see any significant trends.


Not sure what the hell is going on there. Where is Mel Gibson and Danny Glover when you need them? Archives photo.

The homicide rate has doubled so far, but that is because this year there has been two, as opposed to one at this time last year. Car thefts are way up, but that is due to a bunch of nincompoops leaving their cars running as they run into Tim’s coffee store for a java. This happens because the weather is cold, and the citizens want to keep the cars warm. Lowlife opportunists pounce on the chance to go for a joy ride. Shootings are down, one less than last year.

We will have to allow more time to give the crime trends time to level out. Two more months should do it.


Be careful out there. The Assiniboine River Trail below.


Looks like some Zombie Nazis street gang. Hope our Winnipeg Police Service gang unit is looking into it.

Last year’s statistics minus one homicide.


Never realized we had a Gary Busey doppelganger detective with the City police.


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