Are Two More Pipelines Going To Have A Negative Impact On The Environment?

The anti-pipeline protesters have been stirred into a frenzy again by Trump’s recent announcement that his administration wants to go ahead with the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. Everybody is concerned about the environment, at least most people, but these Standing Rock protesters and others don’t seem to be looking at the big picture.


Pipelines will spring leaks, no doubt. But it is much safer than transporting oil by rail. When all is said and done the oil will be moved, basic economics. When leaks hit rivers, they can be controlled within a short period of time with today’s technology. The water of North America will not be permanently contaminated. Check out the North American map of current pipelines across the United States and Canada.


With a leak reported every few months or so considering the number of pipelines out there, I don’t think that two new pipelines will make much of a difference.

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