2 thoughts on “City Pics

  1. Markozen, I would never want to offend you, and I really enjoy your site and postings which make me always wonder where in the world did he get these from! As well, your sense of the bizzare and your humour are great……One thing I want to comment on though……You must be proof that interesting people come out of boring places like Winnipeg! And, that no matter how boring a place is, we see beauty and interesting things about it as it is our HOME! (Is Winnipeg your home city?) Australia has some of the flattest, loneliest, and boring places on earth, and surprisingly, this is what gives them character and interest! I went back to the small Ontario towns I was born in and could not wait to get out again, though NOTHING had changed in 55 years of passing time! Keep up the site, it is always on my bookmarks as a favourite visit!


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